Can You Listen to a Woman - A Man's Journey to the Heart

Can You Listen to a Woman - A Man's Journey to the Heart

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Author: David Forsee
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221128


Life itself is the pat. We are encouraged to reflect on our lives and actins to understand ourselves. As we do, the path keeps opening up before us. The teaching are secret, not because they are hidden in secret texts, but because they are so embedded in ordinary events. Many people are so busy anticipating the big experience that they miss the extraordinary in the ordinary, and it is in ordinary things that the teachings are brought to life.

Can You Listen to a Woman introduces us to a man who is willing to change, to come from his heart. His journey into the unknown is expressed in his willingness to reflect on his life , to penetrate the meaning of its events, and to act on this new understanding. His story is personal-the story of a man who is willing to become intimate with the teachings, with the teacher-who is a woman-and ultimately with himself.

What happens when a man meets a woman whose teachings have the power to draw him back to his own heart? Will he listen? This is the story of how one man's life changed dramatically when he did.

In this book, David Forsee interweaves his life with Swami Radha's and invites you to be present in their most intimate moments of joy, support and challenge. His stories will touch you with their honesty and inspire you to seek meaning in your own life. This book offers hope to both men and women.


A remarkable story of a spiritual journey along with one of the West's foremost woman yogis, Swami Sivananda Radha, whose wisdom and freedom flows like a clear mountain stream throught the book.
-David Frawley, author, Yoga for Your Type

This book describes with remarkable insight sensitivity and candor the many subtleties of spiritual discipleship filled with lessons big and small-all adding up to the miracle of self-transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
-Georg Feuerstein, author, Tantra: the Path of Ecstasy

An intensely personal account of how love, tragedy and the guidance of an illumined teacher can help to overcome spiritual and emotional isolation.
-Linda Johnsen, author, Daughters of the Goddess




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Can You Listen to a Woman?
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