A Book of Modern European History

A Book of Modern European History

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Author: George W Southgate
Publisher: Aravali Books International
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 390
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181500121


Many important changes have been made in the boundaries of the chief countries of Europe since 1789. Some states which were then large and important have ceased to exist, and some new states which were then large and important have ceased to exist, and some new states have been established. It is necessary, therefore, before the study of modern European history is undertaken, to consider the condition of the continent in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

This philosophical view was accepted by many of the monarchs of this time. Such rulers as Frederick the Great of Prussia, the emperor Joseph II, the Empress Catherine II of Russia, Charles III of Spain, and Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia were active in promoting schemes for the prosperity of their subjects. These and other monarchs of the time were the Benevolent Despots. But, although they tried to improve the condition of their people, they made no attempt to consult the wishes of the people. They acted in accordance with the principle of Government for the people, but not by the people.

It never occurred to them that any other type of government was possible. They were for the most part well-meaning, but they did not accomplish a great deal. The history of the revolutionary period and of the nineteenth century in Europe was to show that more drastic changes were required than the Benevolent Despots were prepared to make, and that permanent reform was to result from the efforts of peoples rather than of monarchs.





The French Revolution
The French Revolutionary War
Napoleon's Rule in France
The Napoleonic Wars-To the Treaty of Tilsit
The Decline of Napoleon's Power
The Collapse and Revival of Prussia
Eastern Europe Between 1789 ad 1815
The Congress of Vienna and the Concert of Europe
The Break-up of the concert of Europe
Metternich and the German Confederation
The Restored Bourbon Monarchy in France
Belgian Independence
France Under Louis Philippe
Revolution and Reaction in the Austrian Empire
Revolution and Reaction in Germany
The Eastern Question-To The Treaty of Paris, 1856
The Unification of Italy
The Second Republic and the Second Empire in France
German Unity
The Internal History of the German Empire
The Third French Republic
The Eastern Question-From the Treaty of Paris, 1856, to the Outbreak of the European War
The Decline and Fall of the Austrian Monarchy
International Relations Between 1871 and 1914
The European War of 1914-18
The Peace of Versailles
The League of nations
Europe Between two Wars
The World War of 1939-45

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