Where Has My Gulla Gone?

Where Has My Gulla Gone?

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Author: Padma Sachdeva
Translator(s): Ira Pande/Payal Khemka/Susheela Ambike et al
Publisher: Ocean Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 139
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188322415


Padma Sachdev is the first woman poet of Dogri. The short stories written by her depict the joy and sorrow, woods and misfortunes of Indian womanhood. Even though she is conscious of the social injustices heaped upon women, her women characters maintained their dignity at all times.

The present work truly reflects the sentiments of the people of Jammu and Kashmir or for that matter any Indian who loves his/her motherland. It presents a glimpse of the problems faced by the people in contemporary India-terrorist activities in J&K as well as Punjab.

The stories Divided Well, Gorey Bhenji, Te Soldier from Chanaini depict the pangs of Partition and the futility of war. The stories, Where has my Gulla Gone? And Smoke show the ill-effects of terrorism on the common citizens, There are stories like Convoy, Caretaker, Are you O K Bu? Which also project the womanhood in their fullness as beloved sister and mother.

The present book is a translated version of her original short stories but a few words and poetry of Kashmiri language have been kept as it is as so that the readers should feel a flavour of Kashmiri culture and folklore.


Where has my gulla gone?
Translated by Ira Pande

The Divided Well
Translated by Shantiveer Kaul

Are You O K Bu?
Translated by Saroj Vasishth

Translated by Ira Pande

Translated by Susheela Ambika

Translated by Shivnath

The Soldier From Chanaini
Translated by Uma Vasudev