Religious Pluralism - An Indian Christian Perspective

Religious Pluralism - An Indian Christian Perspective

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Author: Kuncheria Pathil CMI
Editor(s): Kuncheria Pathil CMI
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 349
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172140053


Asia is the cradle of all the World Religions, and it may be the task of Asia to develop a radically new theology of religions relevant for our times, and to evolve new models and styles of interreligious fellowships. Religions must relate to one another in a healthy, dialogical and collaborative spirit. They must break open their narrow boundaries, sterile dogmatism, legalism and ritualism, and grow up by mutual giving and taking, and cultivate healthy and mutually enriching relationship. Among all the Asian countries India has a specially privileged position to undertake this challenge of developing a new theology of religions, as all the major World Religions existed in India side by side for centuries, and interreligious harmony and fellowship has been always part of the Indian ethos. Theologians in India are responding to this call, and the present book is one of the instances where a concerted effort is made by he Catholic theologians under the auspices of the Indian Theological Association to evolve a theology of religious pluralism.


PREFACE - Kuncheria Pathil

Sociological Approaches to the Study of Religion: Implications for Theology

Sources of Jewish-Christian Specificity Claims

Atmabodha-The Challenge of Indian Spiritual Heritage to Christian Theological Reflection

The Values that make Buddhism Valuable

The Features, Values and Experiences of Lived Islam

Proximity of Tribal Religion of Jewish-Christian Religion

Soundings into the Hindu Tradition for A Theology of Religions

Christian Theological Approaches to Other Religions: A Historical Perspective

Jesus Christ and the Theology of Religious: A Conspectus of Models

Theology of Religions in the Indian Context

Theology of Religions from the Perspective of Inter-religious Dialogue

Indic Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism from the Perspective of Interculturation

Theology of Religions from Liberation Perspective

Towards a Theology of Religions: An Indian Christian Perspective-Statement of Indian Theological Association, Twelfth Annual Meeting, December 28-31, 1988.

Towards an Indian Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism: Our ongoing Search-Statement of the Indian Theological Association, Thirteenth annual Meeting, December 28-31, 1989.