World Vedic Heritage - A History of Histories  (2-Volume Set)

World Vedic Heritage - A History of Histories (2-Volume Set)

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Author: P N Oak
Publisher: Hindi Sahitya Sadan
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 1394
ISBN/UPC (if available):


Oak served for a year at Pune's renowned Ferguson College as an English tutor. Later he joined the army and was posted in Singapore. He was then 24.

P N Oak made some far-reaching discoveries in history regarding the so called Muslim architecture in India. His discovery that Shahjahan did not build the Taj Mahal -The True Story and The Tajmahal is a Temple Palace.

According to his latest discovery-prior to the Mahabharat War, Vedic Culture and Sanskrit language pervaded the whole world.



The author quotes innumerable incidents & proves that Akbar was the greatest rogue. A well documented work.


This book proves that assertion to be a blunder rooted in chauvinistic and motivated concoction fabricated by mediavaeval Muslim croniclers.


A revolutionary Work by P N Oak. The book is about those facts which were ignored knowingly or unknowingly by the said great historians. In the light of these facts history seems to be different.


VOLUME I World Vedic Heritage University Introduction to Second Edition Indignation and Indictment Novel Facts and Format The Unified Field Theory of History A New Framework for World History De-briefing and Disinfection How Much History Does the World Know? The Current Hodsge - Podge of History What Led Me to This Discovery The Five Thousand Year Barrier Basic Definition Theories About the Creation The Vedas Validity of Basic Concepts Concerning the Vedas The Universally Accepted Vedic Theology Vedic Thelogy Religious Scriptures Reclining Vishnu Statutes The Lingual Theorem Sanskrit the Mother Of All Human Speech and Thought Vedic Science Ancient Nuclear Establishments Vedic Scientific and Technological Texts Dravids the Leaders of Vedic Society The Original Home of Vedic Culture India as it was Known The Vedic Socio Economic System Swearing by the Fire Vedic Culture and Militarism The Vedic Military Organisation Worldwise Vedic Culture Manusmriti The Ancient Sanskrit Atlas The World Keeps Vedic Time Ayurved the Ancient Universal Medical System Vedic Architecture The Universal Meddic Marriage system The Vedic Origin of World Music The Vedic Origin of Prosody Sanskrit Nomencalture of World Coinage Sanskrit Nomenclature of Weights and Measures The Sanskrit Nomenclature in Modern Sciences The Sanskrit Nomenclature of Modern Educational Sustem Sanskrit Expressions in European Usage The Ramayanic War The Ramayan in Ancient Asia The Ramayan in Ancient Europe Krishna The Universal Deity Hindu Origins of the Jews Vedic Culture in the East The Vedic Past of Japan The Vedic Past of America The Vedic Past of China The Vedic Past of Korea and Machuria The Vedic Past of West Asia The Veeic Past of Egypt The Vedic Past of Syria and Assyria The Vedic Ropots of Arabia The Vedic Roots of Islam VOLUME II - Section - 1 (Contd) The Vedic Past of Europe The Vedic Past of Russia The Vedic Past of Germnay The Vedic Past of the Austrian Region The Vedic Past of the Scandinavian Region The Vedic Past of Greece The Vedic Past of Itlay The Vedic Past of France, Spain & Portugal The Vedic Past of Tunisia The Vedic Past of the Brityish Isles The Vedic Past of Ireland English is a Dialect of Sanskrit The Vedic Past of Africa Histroical Misconceptions The Vedic Far East The Vatican Papacy Is a Vedic Institution The Vedic Roots of Christianity Christ - A Pseudonym for Chrisna No Jesus Ever Lived Vedic Traditions The Worldwide Vedic Nomenclature The Astounding Predictive Compendiums India-Europe Common Heritage Vedic Deities and Festivals Around the World The World Keeps Hindu Time SUMMATION VOLUME - Section - 2 study and Research Methodology The Importance of History The National Flag Misleading Muslim and Christian Chronicles Unpardonable Lapses of Indian Historians The Anglo-Muslim Archaeological Consipracy Lessons of History Paucity of Hindu Records Blundersome Historical Cliches Practical Application of History Alien Tampering with Indian History Alien Designs Against Hindudom Ignorance of History Leads to National Sucide Solar Physicas in Surya Siddhanta Vedic Sociology The Genesis of Humanity Vedic Physical Fitness Exercise Par Excellence CONCLUSION Picture Index Bibliographjy Index of Personal Names Appendix I Appendix II