The Maratha Movement - Story of the Maratha Struggle to re-establish Sovereign Hindu Power

The Maratha Movement - Story of the Maratha Struggle to re-establish Sovereign Hindu Power

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Author: V D Savarkar
Publisher: Hindi Sahitya Sadan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 254
ISBN/UPC (if available): B003DXJJNA


This is the story of the Maratha struggle to re-establish Hindu Empire in India, beautifully narrated by V D Savarkar. A born patriot, Savarkar dedicated whole of his life to the cause of independence and was responsible for revolutionary activities in India and abroad.

This book was written by him in 1925 in order to bring into light the glorious period, which had so far been dugged into darkness by the so-called historians of the West and their followers in India.

The book is interesting to read and inspiring too.


For a true interpretation of the Maratha movement, its spirit and ideal, the book is without a parallel. In it there is a fiery description of the heroic achievements of the Marathas, their struggle with the Muslims, the ovethrow of the Muslim power and the establishment of the Maratha supremacy all over India. The author's study of Maratha confederacy, its nationalism and idea of Hindu solidarity deserves special notice. The work is based on authentic papers and documents and the scholarly would will surely accept it as highly authoritative.

From the accounts of the author the readers will be able to form a correct estimate of the Maratha people as a political and military power.

It is a book teaches as well as delights.
-Amrit Bazar Patrika

It is a very interesting and simulative study from the point of view of a Maratha Nationalist, it is full of facts congested in small space, arranged with skill and made to speak with tongues of fire and love. In my opinion every Indian politician ought to read it.
-Lata Lajpat Ray

It is frankly Hindu and this is rather a merit than a defect, We have had the Muslim view, the European view, the Missionary view and as yet no Hindu view. And Mr Savarkar's dramatic presentation serves as a healthy antidote.
-The Indian Educator, Madura

Every pages of the book thrills with the noble spirit of patriotism and religious forever which inspired the writer and enabled him to take his reader along with him as if into the midst of Maratha activities. In fact he has added flesh and blood to dry bones of history and the novel way in which he has unfolded the story of political solidarity and service to the country and the struggle for survival, help much, the growth of patriotic feeling.
-The Indian Historical Quarterly, Calcutta.