Encyclopaedia of Women in South Asia  -  (In  8  Vols. Set)

Encyclopaedia of Women in South Asia - (In 8 Vols. Set)

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Author: Sangh Mittra
Bachchan Kumar/
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 2426
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178351870


The Encyclopaedia of Women in South Asia is a detailed study of eight countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldive. Inhabited mostly in the rural areas, they had been the crippling handicaps of illiteracy, constant motherhood and poor health. This effected their self-confidence, limited their access to information and skills.

However women's legal and social status has changed throughout these countries political history on account of their own consistent efforts.

The theme has been weaved into eight comprehensive Chapters having deep bearing on historical background, geography and people, social status of women, including their education and employment, discrimination against women, women's role in government, the national policy, and women in politics. The Bibliography is attached at the end of each volume.

These volumes are useful for women, social scientists, teachers and students, not only in these countries but also all over the world.