The Dalits and Dalit Awakening In India

The Dalits and Dalit Awakening In India

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Author: Buta Singh
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 323
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8121208319


The Dalits had been the victims of our society which diminished their socio-economic status since centuries. They had to remain at the beck and call of the upper class which was devoid of their upliftment. Indeed the results were appalling and there appeared no hope with a tinge of brightness on their morose facial expression.

The author has weaved the theme on The Dalits and Dalit Awakening in India in twelve chapters in a comprehensive way. He has meticulously given details on origin of caste and caste system in India, origin of the Brahmins, social status of Women, Caste as a social group, Buddhism: a revolt against caste system, the age of foreign invasions, the untouchables of Medieval India, impact of Islam, the impact of Bhakti Movement, history, tradition and the voice of revolt, the Bhakti Marga, devotion and its implications.

The work will be useful for social scientists, teachers, politicians and students in India and abroad.




Origin of Caste and Caste System in India

Society in India and Remarks on the Caste System

Origin of the Brahmins

Caste as a Social Group

Buddhism: A Revolt Against Caste System

The Age of Foreign Invasions

The Untouchables Through the Ages

The Bhakti Movement: A Voice of Revolt: History and Tradition

Socio-Economic Problems and New Awakening