Islamic Architecture of Deccan

Islamic Architecture of Deccan

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Author: R Vasantha
M A Mannan Basha/
Publisher: Sharda Publishing House
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 197+
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818561671X


Mosques and tombs in Deccan, especially at Rayalaseema are most celebrated and intriguing of India's Islamic monuments. No survey of Islamic Architecture would be complete without these, and yet no work has every before consieer4d in its entirety or in the context. In this book Rangachar Vasantha combines the most thorough study ever made of those magnificent monuments with an original investigation.

The social and artistic ingenuities of the Adil Shahis, Qub Shahis and Mughals brought a fresh breeze into this region and gave a new life to Islamic art in Deccan specially Rayalaseema region and revitalized it into fresh activities, which were undreamed of in the preceding ages. The most outstanding examples are siddhi Masood Khan Mosque at Adoni and Baqwshi Chabumiya mosque at Amarapuram, each one is unique in itself, true to the architectural tradition of the past.

The first part of the book scans the geographical, historical and religious background in which the Islamic Monuments and its Architecture progressed in Deccan and later in the Rayalaseema region. The second part bring the monuments (mosques, tombs and dargahs) into focus with a rich examination of its architectural and geometrical patterns with their esoteric and philosophical values, analyzing it in relation to the Adil Shahi, Qutb Shahi, and Mughal tradition within which it was created.

Copiously illustrated with color plate, plans and maps, this is an essential book for anyone interested in Islamic art and architecture and is the perfect guide to the enthralling monuments of Rayalaseema.



List of Illustrations

Geographical Background
Historical Background
Religious Background
Islamic Architecture in Rayalaseema


Inscriptions Engrave on the Arch of Siddi Masood Khan Mosque, Adoni;
Arabic Original with Urdu and English Translation

Existing Monuments in Rayalaseema
(Mosques, Tombs, and Dargahs)