Dalit Movement in South India : 1857 - 1950

Dalit Movement in South India : 1857 - 1950

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Author: Swapna H Samel
Publisher: Serials Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 520
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186771395


The present book is one of the first attempts to bring together History of Dalit Movement during 1857-1950, in four southern states i.e. Andhra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Based on intensive and extensive archival work, each chapter provides valuable insights into genesis of the concerned movement and leadership, event structure, internal dynamics and the social and cultural consequences.

The author has focused on a brief history of states, caste system, socio-economic conditions of Dalits, Leaders, organizations of Dalits, Leaders, organizations of Dalit movement educational efforts made for Dalits and Temple Entry Movement in South India. This is not a study of Dalits alone, but an attempt to present a social and political history of a fascinating area in a time of rapid change and also a contribution to the regional history of South Asia.





Dalit Movement in Andhra Pradesh

Dalit Movement in Tamilnadu

Dalit Movement in Karnataka

Dalit Movement in Kerala