God is for Everyone

God is for Everyone

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Author: Swami Kriyananda (J Donald Walters)
Publisher: Crystal Clarity Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 227
ISBN/UPC (if available): 156589300X


This work presents a concept of God and spiritual meaning that will appeal to everyone, from the most uncertain agnostic to the most fervent believer. Clearly and simply written, thoroughly non-sectarian and non-dogmatic in its approach, this book is perfect introduction to the spiritual life.

Spiritual religion, as explained by Paramhansa Yogananda, one of the great masters of twentieth century India, offers a pragmatic, eminently useful set of solutions to our most profound problems. The Divine Spirit is the hidden inspiration behind all that we do, the one true experience that we all seek, the lasting happiness that eludes us when we seek it elsewhere. No mere abstraction, God is a real, ever-present, ever-conscious force available for us to tap into at all times.

Importantly, this is a vision of spiritual practice that emphasizes the underlying unity of all religions, while respecting the many different ways and forms of worship. In these times of intense religious strife, this landmark approach to religious unity is certain to help usher in an era of true mutual respect and understanding among the world's great religious traditions.

God Is for Everyone is a thrilling, compassionate exploration of our deepest human needs and of the only way to fufill them. This book brings fresh new insight to ourselves and our most sacred practices.



Religion: a Universal Need
A Brief History of Religion
The Goal of Life
Pleasure Is Counterfeit Happiness
Happiness Is Counterfeit Bliss
The Source of Inspiration
Religion and Spirituality
The Refinement of Awareness
The Return to Zero
The Science of Religion
The Nature of Bliss

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