From Plassey to Partition - A History of Modern India

From Plassey to Partition - A History of Modern India

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Author: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
Publisher: Orient Longman
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 523
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8125025960


More than a survey, and much more than a thematically arranged narrative, From Plassey to Partition is an eminently readable account of the emergence of India as a nation. It maps a wide and often complicated terrain of historical happenings, their main players in groups and as individuals, and contexts that enable us to see the formation of a nation through documents of resistance and struggle, assimilation and rejection.

This story of India's nationhood and political coming-of-age is rich in empirical details and accessible interpretation of facts therein. In its eight major divisions covering about two hundred years of political and socio-economic turbulence, the author retraces the steps of our nationalist longings. Of particular interest to the contemporary reader will be sections such as Early Nationalism: Discontent and Dissension, Many Voices of a Nation and Freedom with Partition.

On the one hand, it converses with students of Indian history and on the other, it engages general and curious readers. Few books on this crucial period of history have captured the rhythms of India's polyphonic nationalism as From Plassey to Partition.

Rich in empericial detail and offering students an insight into the multiple interpretations of a critical perios in India's history, Bandyopadhyay's work hs the range and depth that make it an invaluable textbook, a valuable source for teachers and an engaging general read.

One can only be struck by the impressive rangbe and depth of Bandyopadhyay's scholarship. This text stands out as the very best of the recent batch of general histories of modern India - Tony Allantyne

A big book which brings together practically all the important work done on Modern Indian history to date. - The Biik Review


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Transition of the Eighteenth Century
British Empire in India
Early Indian Responses: Reform and Rebellion
Emergence of Indian Nationalism
Early Nationalism: Discontent and Dissension
The Age of Gandhian Politics
Many Voices of a Nation
Freedom with Partition