New Discoveries About Vedic Saravsati

New Discoveries About Vedic Saravsati

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Author: Ravi Prakash Arya
Publisher: Indian Foundation For Vedic Science
Year: N/A
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187710152


The author has for the first time presented a systematic study of various flows of Sarasvati in various phases right from the Vedic down to Mahabharata period as described in the vast Vedic and post Vedic literature. In fact, such an academic study of Sarasvati as the present one has long been a desideratum.

With the publication of the present title new discoveries about Vedic Sarasvati a long felt ardent need has been fulfilled. This work would certainly set aside the various unfounded notions and ill-conceived assumptions, flimsy suppositions regarding the various origins and flows of perennial Vedic Sarasvati.

This work would help the archaeologists, historians and other scholars interested in the study of the Vedic Sarasvati to formulate their views and theories on the origin and evolution of Vedic Sarasvati as per the description of Sarasvati available in the Vedic and post Vedic Sanskrit literature. Since Sarasvati is purely a Vedic Concept and as such no one has the moral right to make surmises and postulate Imaginary theories without their assumptions being supported by the relevant Vedic and Pauranika records. It is also fervently hoped that the publication of the present volume world help stop further speculations regarding Sarasvati and help the readers and scholars develop a view of Vedic Sarasvati in right and proper perspective.



Origin of Sarasvati in the Vedic Phase
Brahmanic Origin
Delinking of Sarasvati from Ganga
Rediscovering Vedic Sarasvati
Sarasvati as mentioned in the edas
Sarasvati as Nadi
Origin of Sarasvati
Sarasvati in Pre-glacial phase
Second stage if pre-glacial phase
Glacial phase
More on Plaksa
Himalayan Phase
Early Himalayan Phase
Origin of Himalayan ranges of mountain
Middle Himalayan Phase
Last Phase or Himalayan Phase
Yamua as Sarasvati
Sarasati at confluece
Sarasvati during Ramayana Period
Sarasvati of Mahabharata period
Gandharva tirtha, Gargastrota, Sanatirtha
Mankanaka Asrama
Usanasa or Kapalamocana tirtha
Rsnu Asrama
Arstisena Asrama, Dandaka-vana, Yayata, Vasistha Flow
Soma tirtha, Brahmayoni
Sukra Tirtha
Yamuna tirtha
Sarasvata titha
Samantapancaka and Kurukshetra
Plaksa Prasraana
Some Aspects of Srasvati
Sarasvati as mighty river
Sarasvati out side India
Withdrawing of Western sea
Sarasvati and Ganga
Sequence of Ganga Yamuna and Sarasvati
Sarasvati's origin from Ganga
Delinking of Sarasvati from Ganga
Iksumati as Ghaggar
Origin of Markanda and Abandonment of Sarasvati
Places lying on the banks of Sarasvati
Saurastra, Sauvita, Matsya and Kurujangala
Plaksa, Abu Parvat and Girnara
Puskara, kurukshetra
Naimisaranya, Camasodbeda, Sivodbheda and Nagodbheda
Vrddhakanyaka, Sarasvata, Aditya, Tirtha, Kauber, Vaijayanit and Vamsodbheda
References of Sarasvati in Sanskrit literature
References of Sarasvati in Epic
References of Sarasvati in Puranas
Referenes of Sarasvati in Srauta Sutras
References of Sarasvati in the Brahmanas
References of Sarasvati in the Vedas