Grandpa's Stories  (COLOR+ILLUSTRATIONS)


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Author: A Collection
Editor(s): Sandeep Gupta
Publisher: Manoj Pocket Books
Year: N/A
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A




Mother Sahori
Will Power
Dangerous Trick
Patience Pays
What Colour?
Banana Boomerang
Teaching Misery
Why He Laughed
Who's Better
The Wise Crab
The Ant Lesson
Who's Bad Luck?
Power of Truth
The Biggest Lie
The Priest
The Wise Bears
True Friendship
The Two Parrots
The Unity
No Slavery


Whom God Wishes Saved
Oh God!
The True Duty
True Brahmin
The Fate
Sweetness of Honesty
The Money order
Every Drop is Precious
The Tree Thief
The King's Mistake
The Brave Kids
Bowl Clean-Bowled
Bheema Beamer
King Dhruva
Fire the Ire
Chaitanya's Sacrifice
The King's Decision
Three Bundles
The Mango Tree
Honest Ramu
Salvation How?
Own Reflection


Greedy Monkey
Patience Pays
The Astrologer
Pride Falls
A Bowl Of Wheat
As You Sow
An Act of Mercy
The Return of Straw
What's In a Name?
The Flutist
The Debt of Water
Watchful Eye
The Golden Egg
Sheikhchilli Gets Fever
Four Thieves
Love For Life
The Truth
The Wise Sparrow
Ever Learner
The Kind Got Yoked
Mirror of Dreams


Trust God
Ass and Donkeys
Cunning Fox
The Fairy's Ring
The Phoney Sympathy
Mind Your Own Business
The Foxy Trick
Fairweather Friends
Back To Charandas
Think Before You Act
The Clever Prince
Cobra Justice
The Spectacles
Old Woman's Mansion
Magic Mill
Call Has Come
Lesson For the Thineves
Don't Eeek The Meek
The Perfect Portrait
Strange Reward
Trickster Tricked
The Justice
The Witness is Jackal


Sadhu Was Thieving
Help From Enemy
Bad Mout
Who's Child?
The Clever Cap-Seller
The True Disciple
Don't Depend on Others
Ticking Beads
Kind Act
The Brave Lad
The Trust is Trust
Sweet Revenge
The Truth
The Change of Heart
Gold Greed
The True Friend
The Tenner
Generous Karna
The Gratiness of Ganga
The Will
Price of the Horse
The Spider Web
Sweet Nature
The Deserving Minister