Kashmir - The Untold Story

Kashmir - The Untold Story

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Author: Humra Quraishi
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 204
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143030876


Since 1989, Kashmir has rarely been out of the headlines, as local militants, foreign terrorists and Indian security forces battle it out in region once known as paradise on earth. In all the propaganda, and news and statistics about terrorist strikes, counter insurgency operations and the foreign hand, the human stories, however, are often lost.

In this book, journalist Humra Quraishi draws upon her extensive travels in the Valley and interactions with ordinary Kashmiris over two decade to try and understand what the long strife has done to them. She brings us heartrending stories of mothers waiting for their young sons who disappeared years ago, picked up by the army or by militants; minds undone by the constant uncertainty and fear and almost daily humiliation; old harmonies tragically undermined by the atmosphere of suspicion; an entire generation of young Kashmiris who have grown up with no concept of security; and individual families and a whole society falling apart under the strain of the seemingly endless turmoil.

Written with great sensitivity an courage, Kashmir: The Untold Story is an unprecedented examination of the one truth that we are seldom told about: the extent to which everyday life in Kashmir has become a struggle, at times an impossible one.


Author's Note

The Valley of Fear

A Troubled History

Communities: Old Harmonies, New Divisions


The Lost Romance

The Lost Generation

Scenes From An Election

The Elections and After