Humorous Stories of Sheikh Chilli  (ILLUSTRATED)

Humorous Stories of Sheikh Chilli (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: A Compilation
Compilor: Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 164
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The Character of Sheikh Chilli is hard to define. He was a day dreamer living in an endless pipeline. But suffice to say he was a Saint of laughter.

This book is a compilation of selected humorous stories of Sheikh Chilli. It is the biggest laughing stock of all time.


Who was Shekhchilli?
Pipe Dream
Chicken Puzzle
How Clever!
Umbrella Mix-Up
Sickening Shekhchilli
To Rescue Moon
Sick Sickle
Job For Shekhchilli
Oil Trick
Two Yards of Stupidity
How Come?
Shekhchilli Works
Egg of The Mother Earth
The Miao Ghost
Down Fall
Right Price
Stupid Beard
Rat Abduction
The Foot Marks
Kachur Kachur Zap
Two Things
The Red Tajmahal
The Root of Wisdom
Oh God!
Silly Silver Coin
Brain Storm
The Battle Royal
The Count
Naked Truth
Tree Talk
The Watchilli
Maulvi’s Advice
The Buffalo
Moon Milk
Shekchilli At In-Laws
Sword Deal
The Honey Drop
The Cold Act
No Word
What Was That?
The Log and Dog
The Spectacle
Shekhchilli Business
Ass of Shekhchilli
Magic Pot