Vivekananda -The Warrior Saint

Vivekananda -The Warrior Saint

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Author: Hansraj Rahbar
Publisher: Farsight Publishers
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 280
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186265120


SWAMI VIVEKANANDA was no doubt a great thinker and an intellectual giant. The book underlines the fact for the first time that it was he who fought for our freedom through the medium of religion, blunted the attack of the British on our civilization and culture, and gave us the meaning of nationhood.

He was an encylopaedia of the knowledge of his time. He deeply probed into the philosophy and the history of not only our own country, but also the whole civilized world. Reading Vivekananda is like swimming in the ocean of enlightenment. In his opinion it is not possible to be a true Marxist, without understanding him. This book will provide a new turn to the thought process of the leftist thinking and will play a positive role.


Family and Childhood


The Conflict

The Indian Pilgrimage

Travels Abroad

Parliament of Religions

Vedanta and Universal Brotherhood

Spiritual Advaitism versus Material Advaitism

From Vedanta to Historical Materialism

The Renaissance

Flame of Fire