Three Basics of Sikh Religious Thought

Three Basics of Sikh Religious Thought

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Author: Satnam Kaur
Publisher: Pragati Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 332
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173070946


In all probability, this is the first ever critical study of faith, grace and prayer in Sikh religious thought from the viewpoint of present-day philosophy.

Dr Satnam Kaur all along avails of the two major approaches in philosophy today, namely, those of phenomenology and linguistic analysis. Thus, care has been taken to unravel the fabric of the (Sikh gurus) living experience of faith, grace and prayer-with minimal damage to its intricate singleness; and at many a place, meticulous attention to the literal and suggested meanings of Gurbani has enabled the authoress to improve upon the current translations of the Adi Granth.

The book may well be expected to improve our understanding of the three concepts chosen.


The Book is worth study, it shows how to combine he analytical with the devotional approach in Sikhism. The author displays a profound knowledge of the Guru Granth and, unlike some other Sikh academics, approaches the subject with reverence, The book is highly recommended, It is the most comprehensive account of the foundations of Sikh religious thought that we have come across in English-conveyed analytically while remaining faithful to the message.
-Ravinder Singh (Ohio) and J J Singh (New York) in Sikh Review, Kolkata, November 1997

The author has succeeded in her approach to the Sikh scripture with her training in philosophic methodology. She has probed the Guru Granth with the help of tools shaped by the philosophical tradition, particularly in the 20th century, One merit of the study under review is the neat selection of relevant passages from the Guru Granth, together with their translation and interpretation, in respect of the assertion made. This effort fructifies in making the reader familiar with the textual message of the gurus and bhaktas represented in the Granth. Dr Satnam Kaur deserves commendation for the impressive work undertaken.
-Prof Wazir Singh (New Delhi) in Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, Vol. XVII, Number 1, September-December 1999.


Preface to the second edition


Guide to Transliteration


The Fabric of Concepts
Philosophical Perspective
The Sikh View

Some general reflections
The Look Benign
Divine Liberality
As Compassion and Redress
The Grace of Giving
As Satguru’s Benevolence

Some Philosophical Problems
God in Prayer
The Value of Nam
Some Prayers Analysed
A Paradigm of Prayer: Ardas
Kind of Prayer in Sikhism
The Resplendent Adoration: Arti

Translations of the Passages from Adi Granth cited in the Book

Original Gurmukhi Passages cited in the Book