Gaagar Mein Saagar - A Collection of Most Quotable  Urdu Couplets

Gaagar Mein Saagar - A Collection of Most Quotable Urdu Couplets

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Author: A Compilation
Translator(s): Rajesh Sharma
Publisher: Akshay Agencies
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 350
ISBN/UPC (if available): 819019870X


Gaagar Mein Saagar is a collection of most quotable and potent Urdu couplets in Hindi and Roman text followed by translation of these into simple English prose.

These are more than 1000 couplets drawn from the works of great poets like, Meer, Ghaalib, Zauq, Daagh, Iqbaal, Shakeel, Faiz, Akhtar Sheeraani, Jigar, Firaaq, Saahir, Majaaz, Khumaar Baaraabankvi, Ahmad Faraaz, Muzaffar Waarsi, Raaz Allahabaadi, Nida Faazli, Bashir Badr, Wassem Bareilvi, Shuja Khaawir, Javed Akhtar et al.

The book may as well be called an Aide-Memoire, a Ready Reckoner for the Masters of Ceremonies, Anchorpersons, Comperes, Programme Presenters, Stage Managers, Speech/Script Writers, Motivators, managers and last but not the least the Politicians.

This volume contains excerpts from the finest Urdu poetry picked up in the slow lane of life by me during the last forty five years. Each couplet is a gem by itself. The criteria for selection being simplicity, originality, spontaneity, sensibility, dexterity, serenity, lucidity, freshness, romanticism, imagery, innovation, longevity and last but not the least quotability.

Raat ka intizaar kaun kare,
Aaj kal din mein kya naheen hota.

Who has the patience to wait for the nightfall,
What all doesn’t happen during the broad daylight these days?
-Bashir Badr

Shuja maut se pahle zaroor jee lena,
Ye kaam bhool na jaana, bada zarooree hai.

O! Shuja, do live it up before death,
Don’t forget this assignment, it is very important.
-Shuja Khaawir

Lutf-e-mai tujhse kya kahoon zaahid,
Haai! Kambakht tone pee hee naheen.

O! holy one, how do I explain to you the bliss of drinking,
Alas! You unfortunate one, you never drank.

COMMANDER RAJESH SHARMA IN (Retd) was born and brought up in Meerut city (UP). After doing his graduation he opted for the Indian Navy and was commissioned on 24 July 1967. Later on, he joined the Fleet Air Arm of the Navy as an observer.

He retired from the service on 30 June 2002 decided to put his treasure trove of selected of Urdu poetry in the form of a book with the sole intent of sharing the bliss with as many sections of readers as possible. This is his maiden voyage in the uncharter waters of book writing. It is hoped that the book will go a long way in propagating the pleasures of Urdu poetry amongst all strata of lovers of poetry.