Shiv Puran

Shiv Puran

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Author: A Compilation
Editor(s): B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171827217


The Shiv Purana is a much sacred text for the Hindus, particularly to those that adhere on Shiv's faith and are called 'Shaiva'. This is a huge tome containing 24,000 Slokas. Lord Shiva is truly the deity of all those who have no other succor or promise of help from any other deities.

Needless to emphasies that the Shiv Purana comprises the most authentic details about Lord Shiva. The whole treatise on ancient knowledge has been converted into small stories in this book for easy comprehensions of our readers. Most of the details which are repetitive and already mentioned in our Vishnu Purana have briefly recounted for saving on space. At times there appeared some confusion about the details which have been hinted in the footnotes. Since most of these stories are allegorical in genre, their true significance has also been suggested with in the parenthesis.

In short, what you have in your hands is an essential translation cum explanation of the Shiv Purana. It has been done precisely for two reasons. One to make the comprehension logical and secondly to skip the other ritualistic details which may not be found useful for our lay-readers. The attempt is to give a brief but comprehensive glimpse into this Purana to our readers and inspire them to be more versed inferring those roots that form our psyche and evolve our religion cultural ethos.


Shiv Purana: An Introduction
Thus Spake Romaharshana
The Story of Brahma
Brahma Begins The Process of Creation
The Story of Tarakasura
Kama Deva, The Love god Incinerated
Parvati’s Birth Legend
Parvati’s Great Penance
Lord Shiv’s Marriage to Parvati
The Tale Relating to the Birth of Kartikeya
Creation and Eventual Destruction of Tripura
Sita and Ketaki Flower
Shiva Prohibits Champaka flower in His Worship
The Tales Related to Ganesh
The Tales Related to Kartikeya
The Tales Relating to Jyotirlinga Teerthas
Other Important Teerthas of Shiv
The Encounter of Arjuna and Shiv
How Vishnu Acquired Sudarshan Chakra
The Thousand Names of Shiv
The Story of Vedanidhi
The Shivaratri Fast: Its Significance
Why Shiv’s One Epithet is Chandrashekhar
Why ash covers Shiv’s Body
The Story of Nandi
How Parvati Became Gauri
The Tale of Upamanyu
Andhakasura and Hiranyaksha
The Story of Ruru
Apperance of a False Paravati
Yet Another False Paravati
Two Illustrious guests of Yama
The story of Shatanika and Sahastranika
Parashuram’s Story
Description of Hells, Geography, Astronomy, Time Division and Manus