Vishnu Puran

Vishnu Puran

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Author: A Compilation
Editor(s): B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171826733


The Vishnu Purana is believed to be one of the most important Puranas if not the, most valuable ancient records of the faith called Sanatan Dharma which erroneously often called the Hindu dharma. It has its value enhanced for two reasons; one; it has detailed description of how a man should live in the world.

Secondly, since its base is devotion to Vishnu who is held to be the most important deity of this faith it gathers added significance. Its stories reveal about the various exploits of Vishnu in his different incarnations. But surprisingly it omits certain important incarnation of Vishnu viz. Rana incarnation and the earlier incarnations. It chiefly centres around the incarnation of Vishnu as Lord Krishna, the most potent one all the incarnations of this deity.

The Vishnu Purana is the first flower of our this garland of 18 more flowers. This series is meant for those that have love for culture but his knowledge of the languages our sacred love has been compile in.



Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution
The Lakshmi Episode
The Story of Dhruva
The Story of the Kings Vena and Prithu
The Birth of the Prachitas
The Story of Prahlad
The Story of Priyaverta and Bharat and Details about Hells and Heavens
Some Astronomy and Story of Jadabharat
The Manvantaras and The Vedvyasas
The Four Classes, The Four Stages, Sanskaras and The Tale of Mayamoha
Various Dynasties from Manu
The Tales from Dwapar and Kali Ages
The Descent of the Puranas From Their
Origin To us