Garuda Purana

Garuda Purana

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Author: A Compilation
Compilor: B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128801554


Guruda Purana is an ode to the dead. In Hindu ethos the dead is given more respect than the living ones because the dead can commit no wrong and with his passing away, all his misdeeds and sins also disappear.

This holy scripture also tells how the eternal soul can be purified by the correct rites and rituals. A must read for those who respect their dead ones.

This Purana will answer all your queries related to deliverance and salvation. You will be more informed on the body’s emancipation after death.



Departure of The Soul From The Body
The Vaitarani River
The Tortures Suffered
The Sins
The Righteous Norms of Living
The Consequences of the Sins
The Ghosts
The Righteous Conduct
The Dashgaatra and Other Ceremonies
The Ekadashah and The Sootaka
The Sampeedan Ceremony
The Realm of Yama
The Rebirth Procedure
The Ways to Salvation
The Diseases And Their Root Causes
Secrets of Pure Devotion
An Interlude: The Allied Details and Stories
Ancestors and Their Shraddha
Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu