Reflections on Literature, Criticism and Theory

Reflections on Literature, Criticism and Theory

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): Sura P Rath, Kailash C Baral & D Venkat Rao
Publisher: Pencraft International
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 287
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81857538


This volume of twenty-two essays is prepared to honour Professor Prafulla C Kar on the occasion of his retirement from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda after about four decades of an illustrious career in the profession.

The essays appear in five clusters: the first two essays lay the foundation for reflection on the correspondence between the past and the present and its implications for the future of literary studies; the next four spatially localize the questions raised, addressing issues such as the practice of criticism in India, its ethical dimensions in the evolving intellectual life in the country, and its impact on the changing canon; the third cluster of four essays focuses on Romantic theory, especially on the poetry of Wordsworth and Keats, an area of Kar’s pedagogical interest; the fourth and fifth groups similarly address Kar’s two other research interest areas, postcolonial studies and cultural studies.

The volume closes with five essays focusing on individual authors; and the final essays points to the changing perspective on European cultural history, providing literary scholars a fresh way of examining culture and society in relation to their close imbrications with literature and the values that literature embodies.





The Future of the Past and the Past of the Future

Literary Studies and Digital Technologies: Rethinking the Futures of Our Pasts

Reflections on English Studies and the Literary Intellectual

The Ideology of Criticism and the Criticism of Ideology: Some Reflections on the Practice of Literary Criticism

More on Criticism in India Now

Why Rock the Canon? Or the Pleasures of Theory

Re-Reading Wordsworth’s Preface to Lyrical Ballads

Poetry and Morality: Some Notes on Wordsworth and the New Critics

Strange Seas and Silent Passions: Paradox and Irony in The Prelude

Beyond the Lily and the Snow: John Keats and the Poetry of Ethical Knowledge

The Raj Tales: Colonialism Revisited

Children of the Father: Locating Postcolonial Selves

Configuring the Techno-Body: Towards a Posthuman Culture

AIDS in India: The Cultural Politics of Disease

F/(R)ighting Back: The Otherness of Ethics and the Ethics of Otherness

Encountering the Cultural Aporia: Multiculturalism as a Global/Local Cultural Nexus

Eliot in Steinese: Some Speculations on The Fifteenth of November

Filling the Gaps: Narrative Memory and Amitav Ghosh’s Art of Telling

But on a Quiet Day, A Tribute to Arundhati Roy

Oh, Lorde! Must You Integrate Your Entries?

Visualizing Terror: Nation, State and Woman in the Terrorist Film

No State of Grace: Violence in the Garden