An Appeal to Hindu Law-Makers

An Appeal to Hindu Law-Makers

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Author: Kanayalal M Talreja
Publisher: Rashtriya Chetana Sangathan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187714034


This catholicity of outlook, however, came into direct conflict with the attitude of the Semitic religions who talked of we and they. They divided mankind into peoples of faith on the one hand, and benighted infidels on the other, people who were saved and people who were damned. Their rejection and hatred of other is written in capital letters in their doctrines and in the pages of history. A single source of inspiration, a single sonship or a single prophethood has led to the concept of an exlcusive brotherhood.

A priviledged revelation has led to the concept made their morals tribal and their social organisation power-oriented. Their organisation is eminently sited for outward political expansion-thought the religious dimension is not altogether lacking and it still does bring spiritual solace to their many followers. Hinduism on the other hand always spoke of man and not of a privileged brotherhood or church. It id not divide mankind into we or they. It talked of vasudhaiva kutumbakam-the whole world as one family.


If our Hindu law-makers, undeterred by the intellectual terrorism of the pseudo-secularists, go through the book with an unbiased mind, they will definitely be convinced about the necessity of bringing forth a proper legislation banning conversion. The author has cogently built up his case with strong irrefutable arguments and relevant opinions of renowned personalities.
-KS Sudarshan, Sarsanghchalak (Supremo) RSS

This book is extremely inspiring in it’s core. The author has ostensibly researched a lot to pen down his deepest thoughts.
-Suresh P Prabhu, Minister of Power

Author’s warning to the law-makers is in the interest of the nation & we should take it in the right earnest. This book should be a text-book for all the law-makers.
-Dr Sahib Singh, Minister of labour

Reading of this book has been a deeply enriching experience for me, I strongly recommend this remarkable book to policy-makers, lawmakers, social-workers and intelligentsia.
-I D Swami, Minister of State for Home Affairs


Preface-Reverend K S Sudarshan


The Root-Cause of Terrorism is Conversion of Hindus

Change of Religion is Change of Nationality

Not Kashmir only, but Restoration of Muslim Rule in Delhi-Muslim Terrorists

Dangerous Conspiracy to Establish Mughalstan within Hindusthan

Islam does not Accept Secularism, Nationalism and Democracy

Dangerous Plan to Outnumber Hindus by Eleven Methods

Continuous Fall in the Population of Hindus

Anti-Hindu Constitution of Hindusthan

Common Civil Code is Constitutional Mandate under Article

Proselytising Activities of Christian Missionaries

Warning to Pseudo-secular Hindu law-makers

An Appeal to Nationalist and Rationalist Muslims and Christians