To Be And Not To Be - That Is The Answer

To Be And Not To Be - That Is The Answer

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Author: Douglas Harding
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221063


The life consists of two contrasting elements: (1) Everchanging things-sticks and stones and somebody's bones, arms and a trunk and legs, people and animals and plants, planets and stars and galaxies, goodness and truth and beauty along with their opposites, sensations and emotions and thoughts of all kinds, and so on and on and on. (2) Unchanging No-thing that's in receipt of all those things, the arena they perform in, the conscious Emptiness that makes way for them, that absence they are present in and presented to. And it's because these two elements of which I'm composed are totally contrasted that they dovetail so nearly, coming together in seamless unity.

The source of happiness, love and meaningful lives lies very much deep within ourselves, our very Centre. This book explains how to uncover and tap the Infinite Core or Centre. This book explains how to uncover and tap the Infinite Core or Centre. If it is to become real and effective in our lives we must see it clearly (in fact more clearly than anything else), trust it, and consciously live from it. This sounds terribly difficult, but the difficulties are of our own manufacture. All we have to do is go by what we see instead of what conventions tell us is going on. The result is that al the important things we had been told about ourselves are exposed as a pack of lies!

Being and Non-Being don’t stay opposed and at odds. They fit, are inseparable halves of the whole. And their union could be the real answer of To be and not to be riddle. A life-changing and quite remarkable book. Practical, accessible, eminently readable, and while revealing fundamental and extraordinary truths, always imparts a sense of joy-even fun!


Paragraph after paragraph starts as if one were embarked for only the sort of pantheistic uplift one gets in Emerson, but then swoops down and all comes clean and hard! This celestial bomb! Thanks to the nth!.
-C S Lewis



To Be and Not to Be
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That Is The Answer