Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Islam

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Author: Muhammad Hamidullah
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 348
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171512631


A widely demanded book which touches almost all aspects of Islam. It starts with the biography of the Prophet and explains social, economic, cultural, religious, historical and scientific system of Islam.

The transliteration of devotional prayers is also translated into English for those who are unable to recite it in Arabic. To make it more comprehensive the author has attached maps for historical maters. Besides these, appendices, index and bibliography has also been given



The Prophet of Islam-His Biography
The Preservation of the Original Teachings of Islam
The Islamic Conception of Life
Faith and Belief
Devotional Life and Religious Practices of Islam
The Cultivation of Spiritual Life
The System of Morality
The Political System of Islam
The Judicial System of Islam
The Economic System of Islam
The Muslim Woman
Status of non-Muslims in Islam
Muslim Contribution to the Sciences and Arts
General History of Islam
Daily life of a Muslim
Map Showing the Lands under Muslim Rule at one Time or other
Various postures of Prayers Service (Illustration)
Map Showing the direction of Qiblah from various parts of the globe
Difference of Schools (Sunni, Shi’ah etc.)
The Service of Worship: Why is Arabic Alone?
Why a Purely Lunar Calendar?


Texts referred to for Prayers
Translation of the Appendices
Transliteration of the Appendices
Table of Principal Islamic Feasts
Time Table for Daily Prayers in Abnormal Zones
Permanent time Table for Abnormal Zones