Eminent Arab - Muslim Medical Scientists

Eminent Arab - Muslim Medical Scientists

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Author: Abdul Ali
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 188
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171513026


Of all the science studied and cultivated by Arab-Muslim scientists, the curative science and allied subjects were the most highly developed by them. They deserve to be credited with having introduced experimental methods in the study and treatment of diseases at a time when their European counterparts looked upon some serious diseases like small-pox and epidemics as manifestations of the wrath of, and punishment from, God.

They also became harbigers of modern medicine by making spectacular achievements in almost all the branches of medicine, namely clinical treatment, pharmacy, anatomy, surgery, ophthalmology, neuropsychiatry, dentistry, bone-setting, epidemiology, midwifery, the art of nursing patients in hospitals, preventive medicine and public health.

This volume contains indepth, illuminating and comprehensive accounts of ten most outstanding Arab-Muslim medical scientists who may well be regarded as chief representatives of Islamic medicine spread over a vast period of nearly one thousand years of Muslim intellectual ascendancy right from the beginning of he Islamic era in the early seventh century to the close of the sixteenth century. It is hoped hat this well-documented book will be hailed in academic circles as a valuable addition to scanty literature on Muslim contributions to science and civilization.




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