Hindi - English Dictionary  (TRANSLITERATED)

Hindi - English Dictionary (TRANSLITERATED)

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Author: Sangeeta Parikh
Editor(s): Sangeeta Parikh / Dick Plukker / Henk Wagennar et
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: multilingual
Pages: 1167
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177643576


This Dictionary is based on the available data that was compiled and edited for the publication of the Transliterated Hindi-Hindi-English dictionary . In addition, valuable grammatical information such as the transitively and intransitivity of verbs, has been indicated and many more phrase and descriptions have been added.

The nature of the words listed ranges from current to archaic to accommodate not only the readers of contemporary texts but also the readers of older literature. The dictionary lists approximately 70,000 main and subentries.

A wide range of Hindi idioms, sayings and proverbs has been included. Also included are everyday expressions from the various dialects which have found their way into written expression, and approximately 7, 000 technical terms.

This Dictionary also contains an index of all its lemmata in transliterated Hindi with their Devanagari equivalents.



Brief History of the Hindi Language
Guide to the Use of the Dictionary
Editorial Abbreviations
Abbreviations for Source Languages
The Hindi Alphabet Order of the Devanagari letters

The Dictionary


Transliterated Hindi- Hindi Word-Index