Early Medieval Indian Society - A Study in Feudalisation

Early Medieval Indian Society - A Study in Feudalisation

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Author: R S Sharma
Publisher: Orient Longman
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 374
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978-81-250-2523-8


The early medieval period is the focus of R S Sharma’s analysis. In this book Sharma highlights the feudalization of the socio-economic structure of India in early medieval times and attribute the rise of land grants to the varna conflict and the decline of trade. His panoramic sweep takes in he situation of the peasants and he underlines their loss of control over production due to the dominance of landlords. Sharma also examines the traditional varna system and reveals how it was adjusted to the landed hierarchy.

A riveting discussion of the influence of tribal son Brahmanism and the proliferation of the sudra and other castes is included. Sharma argues that the presence of landed magnates altered ways of thinking in legal, social and religious matters.

R S Sharma’s compelling style and breadth and depth of vision make this book accessible to professional historians and sociologist as well as to those interested in the medieval roots of many of our social and cultural ideologies and institutions.



Roman Equivalents of Nagari Letters



Transition from Ancient to Medieval
The Kali Age: A Period of Social Crisis
The Nature of Indian Feudalism
Paucity of Metallic Coinage (c 500- c 1000)
Aspects of Royal Land Charter (Rajasasana) and Property Inheritance
Changes in Social Structure
Dimensions of Peasant Protest
Economics and Social Basis of Tantrism
The Feudal Mind



Index (Sanskrit and other non-English words)

Index (General)