Unforgiving Heights

Unforgiving Heights

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Author: Betsey Barnes
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 371
ISBN/UPC (if available): 014302986X


The sharp, clear edges of the day were beginning to dim. A phalanx of clouds was advancing from the eastern peaks, not yet threatening, but a reminder that a perfect sunlit day in the midst of the rains should be accepted for what it was-a divine caprice.

Mona Kittredge is a young American diplomat in a small-Himalayan kingdom. Her circle includes he best friend Ted, the sensitive embassy doctor; Jan, wife of a high-ranking diplomat; Prabha, sister of both the exiled ruler and the current prime minister; Tensin, leader of the Buddhist community; and the charismatic, unhappily married Philip, the incoming US ambassador.

When Jan’s husband is sent to Washington for medical treatment, Mona’s talents are tapped for negotiations at the very highest level. She enjoys the challenge, but there are other things on her mind: she and Philip were well acquainted back in Turkey, and now that he has followed her to this posting, Mona must set the terms of their relationship. Meanwhile Ted and Prabha grow closer, and Prabha’s relationship with her brother grows darkly complex. When two American children are kidnapped, Mona finds herself deep in the mountains, unravelling more mysteries than she knew existed.

In this engrossing first novel by a Foreign Service veteran, politics intertwine with friendship and love for a thrilling yet deeply human sage.