Life and Letters of Sir Jadunath Sarkar     ( 2 Volumes)

Life and Letters of Sir Jadunath Sarkar ( 2 Volumes)

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): H R Gupta / P R Kaushal / S S Talwar
Publisher: Panjab University
Year: 1958
Language: English
Pages: 742
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A



The editing of this volume is honour of Sir Jadunath Sarkar, the renowned Indian historian, has been a pleasant though an exacting job. A Gooch or a Trevelyan would have been much better fitter to appreciate this great historian’s contribution to the medieval history of India. It is a hard task to make an assessment of the circumstances that have gone to make Jadunath Sarkar what he is. Both heredity and environment have played their part in shaping Jadunath’s personality.

Jadunath was born on 10 December 1870 in a rich and highly-cultivated Bengali Kayastha family. Among the Hindus, the Kayasthas have a long tradition of meritorious and distinguished civil service in the Muslim courts, particularly at Delhi. They made their mark not only in the field of administration, but also in the realm of letters. This case has the unique privilege of having produced a large number of historians and scholars well-versed in Persian and Urdu literature.


The presentation of a commemoration volume is the recognized form of the tribute, which scholars pursuing a particular line of study pay to one who has attained eminence in that line and by means of which they seek inspiration for themselves. In the present volume historians and researchers have combined to pay their homage to one who, for more than half a century now, has been resuscitating India’s past with a rare singleness of purpose and devotion to great ideals.

The editors have given a brief summary of each article at the outset acquainting the reader with its contents and tenor. The editors are fully conscious of the defects which, in spite of their best efforts, have crept in. they are due to the limitations imposed by the place- a second rate and out-of-the –way town-where they have been working. They crave the indulgence of the readers an particularly of the illustrious presentee


Message of Sir Jadunath Sarkar to Indian Historians


Memoirs, Reviews and Bibliography


Jadunath Sarkar as I know Him

Jadunath Sarkar (A Biographical Sketch)

Jadunath Sarkar as a Historian

Reminiscences by
Choudhury, P C Roy
Das, G S
Kibe, MV
Poduval, R Vasudeva
Rao, Suraj Narain
Shastri, K A Nilakanta
Srivastava A L

Jadunath’s Contributions to the Indian Historical Records Commission

Jadunath Sarkar as a Seer

Bibliography of Jadunath’s Works, Research Papers and Articles, etc.
(A) English-By Birendranath Bose
(B) Bengali-By Jogesh C Bagal

Selections from Sarkar-Sardesai Correspondence, 1907-56
(A) Jadunath Sarkar’s Letters to G S Sardesai
(B) G S Sardesai’s Letters to Jadunath Sarkar




Message of Sir Jadunath Sarkar to Indian Historians


The Origin of Sultan Shamsuddin Firuz Shah of Bengal
Samudragupta’s Performance of Asvamedha Sacrifice
Figures of Land Revenue in the Ain-i-Akbari
Lindhaur Dev of Hamza Namah: An Identification
The Influence of Pashto on Urdu
A Violation of the Treaty of Amritsar (1809)
A War Historian’s Experience with Eyewitnesses
The Purnadvipa of the Athasastra
Shamsuddhin Ilyas Shah, Shah-i-Bangalah
An Aspect of Vratya Culture
Old Records in Assam Secretariat
Some Characteristic Features of the Old Iranian Political Philosophy
The Spanish View of the Revolt in the Netherlands
History of the Lal Bagh Palace (Present Raj Bhawan of Orissa State)
Corroboration of Marco Polo’s Account of India from Indian Sources
The Kuka Outbreak
The Rajput Empresses of Akbar and Jahangir (Maryam-az-Zamani and Jagat Gosaini
The Yusafzais and the Sikhs
A Study of the Mint-towns of Akbar
The Early Exploits of The English East India Company in Malaysia
The Tarikh-i-Muhammadi by Muhammad Bihamad Khani
The Personality of Yama in the Rgveda
Raja Gulab Singh’s Aim After 1839
The Struggle over the Panjab (The Sikhs, Mughals and Afghans)
The Ancient Town of Vairata
Madame Bhikhaiji Rustam K R Cama
The Andra-Satavahana Chronology
Kangra Art of Painting: A Visual Expression of a Culture
Buddha Worship in Andradesa
Bairam Khan and Sher Shah (During the former’s captivity form May, 1540 to April, 1543)
Naga Sannyasi Ganeshgeer and the Kuchbihar disturbance of 1787 A D.
Raghubir Library, Sitamau (Madhya Pradesh)
Kannada Literature in Calukya Inscriptions
Chronology of the Idealist Thinkers
Siyurghal Lands under the Mughals
The Origin and original Habitat of the Chauhans
Sultan Quli the Founder of the Medieval State of Tilangana
End of the Gupta Empire