The Melody of An Angel: Mirza Ghalib - His Mind and Art

The Melody of An Angel: Mirza Ghalib - His Mind and Art

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Author: Ish Kumar
Publisher: Panjab University
Year: 1982
Language: multilingual
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This book is a fresh interpretive study and a synthesized view of Ghalib’s creative personality, work, enlightened vision, thought, imagery, and consistency of his poetic composition, and the philosophy implicit in them. These things are discussed not only in length but also in depth, and not in piecemeal but as a whole.

This volume has a definite end in view. It is mainly meant for those English-knowing readers, who have either had no occasion to know his mind or found him too difficult. It is not a mere study of Ghalib, it throws light on most of the concepts and conventions of Urdu poetry.

It also deals with fundamental problems, like-
The Nature of Poetry
The Function of Poetry
Art for Art’s sake versus Art for Life’s sake
Poetry and the rest

The author, Professor Ish Kumar, is an eminent scholar. He represents his reaction to Ghalib’s poetry, his efforts to place him beside fellow-craftsmen in the art, both Urdu and English are worth-studying. The approach to Ghalib’s creative art which Professor Ish Kumar develops in this book is significantly different from that which one encounters in so many other volumes on the subject.





The Biographical Background
The Myth
The Man
The Poet of Sorrow
The Poet of Love-(1) The Lover
The Poet of Love- (2) The Beloved
The Poet of Wine
The Literary Critic
Art and Contribution

Appendix A
Urdu Letters

Appendix B
Works (a) Urdu
(b) Persian

Appendix C
Urdu and Persian Verses Quoted in the Book