Transforming India - Social and Political Dynamics of Democracy

Transforming India - Social and Political Dynamics of Democracy

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): Francine Franklin / Zoya Hasan / Rajeev Bhargava
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 443
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195658329


In this volume, leading scholars take stock of India’s experience of democratic functioning for over fifty years and analyse the profound transformations brought about by the democratic forms of governance.

The essays discuss electoral upsurges of historically marginalized groups, autonomous mobilization of lower castes and dalits, corruption in governments, tendencies towards regionalization, fragmentation of political parties, Hindu-Muslim tensions, and the increase in inter-state disparities on account of economic reforms.

The roles of the electronic media, the police, and the judiciary have also been examined. Contemporary debates on protecting minority rights, the Hindutva issue, and the proposal to introduce a presidential form of government are also addressed.


The implications of these analyses are striking. They confirm that the legitimacy of democracy is wide-based and growing.

The book sheds valuable insights on the trials and tribulations of Indian democracy.
-Indian Review of Books

It the book is a thought provoking collection and touches many hues of Indian democracy.
-Deccan Chronicle



Introduction: Contextual Democracy: intersections of society, culture an politics in India

Democratic Vision of a New Republic: India, 1950

The Strong State and the Fear of Disorder

Democracy and Social Inequality

Understanding the Second Democratic Upsurge: trends of bahujan participation in electoral politics in the 1990s

Representation and Redistribution: the new lower caste politics of north India

Negotiating Differences: federal coalitions and national cohesion

Economic Policy and the Development of Capitalism in India: the role of regional capitalists and political parties

Economic Policy and Its Political Management in the Current Conjuncture

Depicting the Nation: media politics in independent India

The India Police: expectations of a democratic polity

Judges and Indian Democracy: the lesser evil?

Hindu Nationalism and Democracy

The Transformation of Hindu Nationalism? Towards a reappraisal

India in Search of a New Regime?