Birth of a Song

Birth of a Song

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Author: K S Duggal
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 298
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128806483


Birth of a Song is a collection of 50 short stories by K S Duggal, one of the leading fiction writers in India today.

This is the author's third collection of short fiction in English. His earlier works were: Come Back My Master (Vikas), and Death of a Song (Arnold Heinemann). K S Duggal's short story entitled Come Back My Master figures in the World's Greatest Short Stories.

These stories written originally in Punjabi, the author's mother-tongue, have mostly been translated into English by the author himself. He has over 500 stories in 21 collections in the original. They reflect the prevailing milieu in the resurgent India, torn with internal conflicts and external pressures whether it is Punjab in turmoil or the rest of the country blown off its feet by the severe westerly winds. A master craftsman, every story in the collection has a moment of truth, a moment of aesthetic pleasure. It helps the reader to know the whatness of things before the effect fades away in the quiet. It is a genre close to Mr. Duggal's heartbeat, ingesting both poetry and drama. The stories reflect an inventive strain that is remarkable.


The Taxi Driver
The Pilgrimage
The Women's Lib
Mymmy, When Will this Father Die
Pakistan is not yet Born
Wanted a Man
Nobody Sleeps Tonight
Agony and Ecstasy
Live Without Him
Master Shudda
When the Drums Beat
The Damned
Running Away From It
The Gift of the Guru
Nasibo Returned to Her Village
Punjab Singh
The Letter Will Never Come
What is a Hindu
The Flower of the Night
Work and Wages
Half Shut Door
A Wall of Darkness
Prices Remain the Same
Rukko the Accursed
What Is Life
The Lonely Traveller
Where Should Manjira Now Go
The Fan
What Should Mary Do Now
Live Sex on the Stage
A Beam of Moonlight
Husbands Must Beat
How Make Ends Meet
The Slap
Sordid Moments
An Evening at the Fair
First and Last Letter
Echoes And Re-echoes
All Alone
A Study in Boredom
Repeat Performance
Wanted an Exorcist
The Sins of Her Fathers
Pakistan Zindabad
Birth of a Song

The first draft in English translation from Hindi of How Make Ends Meet and Sordid Moments was done by Mr Jai Ratan for which my gratitude.