Historical Analysis of Nanak Prakash

Historical Analysis of Nanak Prakash

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Author: Bhai Santokh Singh
Editor(s): Sabinderjit Singh Sagar
Publisher: Guru Nanak Dev University
Year: 1993
Language: multilingual
Pages: 169
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This thesis is a critical assessment of a work of sacred poetry, created by Bhai Santokh Singh in the first half of the 19th century when Sikh temporal power with its attendant problems, was at its height. It highlights the transformation of the Janamsakhi genre, the needs of an altered historical epoch and the changing didactic purposes of the poet.

A historical analysis of Bhai Santokh Singh's Nanak Prakash can be useful. Santokh Singh is regarded the greatest Sikh poet whose popularity rests on his voluminous tomes on Sikh Gurus. Because of his believed orthodoxy, the Singh Sabha wished Max Arthur Macauliffe to consult Guru Pratap Suraj for his history of the Gurus. The popularity of Santokh Singh's works can be estimated from the fact that almost all the modern historians of the Sikhs have based their account of the Gurus more or less on his works.

This evidence plays a significant role in knowing the poet's primary concern. It helps in understanding why the poet upholds the cause of the Sikh ruling classes inspite of the fact that he belonged to a humble caste. The study of his idea of Sikhism helps us in understanding the contemporary situation.




Bhai Santokh Singh and his Times

Sources of Nanak Prakash

Nanak Prakash as a Janamsakhi

Santokh Singh's Idea of Sikh History

Evidence on Social History

Santokh Singh's Political Ideas


Appendices: Chart of Sources of Nanak Prakash