Shehzad Husain's Easy Indian Cookery

Shehzad Husain's Easy Indian Cookery

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Author: Shehzad Husain
Publisher: Hamlyn
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0600591956


Shehzad Husain’s new book is a collection of over 130 recipes from all over India and Pakistan, from qeemas and kebabs to chutneys, breads and raitas. This beautiful book demystifies Indian cooking and brings these exciting dishes within the range of everyone.

There are no difficult techniques to master, but a splendid variety of uncomplicated dishes for all occasions, from quick suppers to dinner party centre-pieces, which are made subtle and different by exciting combinations of spices, herbs and other flavourings. There are a number of Balti recipes featured together with the latest trend in Indian cuisine: Haandi. Haandi refers to the vessel in which the food is cooked; it is a traditional cooking pot used for centuries by Indian cooks and is still in use today.

Easy Indian Cookery includes serving suggestions, a guide to Indian cooking equipment and a detailed glossary of ingredients-in fact, everything the inexperienced cook needs to prepare a wide range of authentic Indian dishes successfully.

This beautifully illustrated book will bring the taste of the east into every home. The varied and distinctive recipes from all over India, featuring the as yet unexplored Haandi cuisine, will inspire both the experienced and novice cook.



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Meat Dishes

Fish and Seafood

Vegetable Dishes

Rice, Pulses and Lentils

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