Shri Ramcharitamanasa    (HINDI+AVADHI): Transliteration & Translation in ENGLISH

Shri Ramcharitamanasa (HINDI+AVADHI): Transliteration & Translation in ENGLISH

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Author: G B Kanungo
Publisher: Kanungo Charitable Society
Year: 2000
Language: multilingual
Pages: 584
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This is an unique attempt to present a somewhat shorter version of Ram Charit Manas, retaining the same verses as in the original without any loss of its beauty and charm.

As both the transliteration and translation are in English, the non-Hindi knowing public can savour the full delight of the text without the least loss of its original flavour. All the of quoted Dohas of Ramayana re fully preserved in the text. Nobody can get tired of reading Rama’s story any no. of times. It has been predicted thus:

So long as the mountains in the world continue to exist and especially the Vindhya ranges and Himalayas continue to stand, the holy story of Rama will continue to ring in the ears of the people all over the world.



Bal Kand

Ayodhya Kand

Arnya Kan

Kishkindha Kand

Sunder Kand

Lanka Kand

Uttar Kand

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