Writing Black Writing Dalit

Writing Black Writing Dalit

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Author: Harish Narang
Publisher: Indian Institute of Advanced Study
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 161
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179860140


Dalit Writings in India and Black Writings in Africa have each been unique genres of writing, highlighting the defining role of caste and race respectively in the evolution of their coming of age separately. Yet on closer scrutiny, as this significant anthology of essays by renowned scholars shows, the uniqueness of either literary experience lends itself to a meaningful comparison with the other not only in terms master/servant socio-political paradigm but also in terms of the theoretical formulations underlying both as also in the choice of genres like the autobiography for creative expression.

The Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, organised a national seminar on Black and Dalit Writings . The seminar discussed various issues such as the literary discourse and its universality, western writings and their specific social and cultural contexts, Dalit poetry as social texts, South African literature, Black Canadian and Dalit literature, and Dalit women etc.

The proceedings of the seminar are published here under the title Writing Black: Writing Dalit which are interesting essays in Black African and Dalit Indian writings.



The Dalit Discourse

The Crossing of Boundries(?)
A Brief Review of the Trajectory of African Critical discourse-1950s to 1980s

A Study of Recent Marathi Dalit Poetry

Not by Law Alone: Douloti as a National Allegory

Walking the Last Mile Together Some thoughts on Mandela's Autobiography

Moving the Centre: Black-Canadian and Dalit Literature

Roots of Violence: Sex, Violence and Aggression in African Literature

Dalit Literature and African American Literature: Roots Against Dominant Ideology and Cultural Hegemony

The Unconquered Will-Women Cross-Culturally: Tony Morrison's The Bluest Eye and Sula and Buchi Emecheta's The Bride price and Destination Biafra

Rape and Reciprocal Love: A Feminist Study of Rajam Krishnan's Setril Manitharkal

Tourism as National Religion: Facts, Fiction and Ideology in the Novels of Ngugi