Who is Kalam?

Who is Kalam?

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Author: R Ramanathan
Publisher: Konark
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 232
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9381523401


Who is Kalam? Why is he universally loved, respected and admired? What makes him tick? What makes him different?

This book seeks to answer precisely questions like these. This is neither a biography in the traditional sense nor a critical analysis. The book simply aims to explore Dr Kalam’s personality through the eyes of one who has worked closely with him. It can be considered a fresh perspective on the life and work of one of the more fascinating personalities of post-independence India. It highlights little known facets of Dr. Kalam’s personality and life that should give the reader a deeper understanding of the man himself. Dr Kalam emerges through the book as a multi-faceted visionary, having an abiding interest in music, literature and the environment apart from science, technology and development of the nation. However, what stands out most is his intense humanism.

The chapter on his relationship with children seeks to bring out the unique chemistry between them. After Chacha Nehru, it is Kalam, as far as children are concerned.


The author has done remarkably well in highlighting the universality of Dr. Kalam gripping the reader’s attention from the Dedication at first page.

The author’s diction is delectable; the pages rich with plenty of information.
-VR Krishna Iyer in the Mainstream.

Hope the work plays its part in igniting minds with the visionary’s flame of putting India First.
-The Hindu, Metro edition, 12th June 2003



My Reminiscences of a Humanist
The Lifestyle
The Dreamer
The Universality
Popular Perception
The Leader
Kalam and Children
Ringside View
The Evolution

Biodata of Dr. Kalam

Inaugural Speech of President Kalam