Gleanings of Indian Archaeology History and Culture (Set of 2 Vol.)

Gleanings of Indian Archaeology History and Culture (Set of 2 Vol.)

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): K D Bajpai/Rasesh Jamindar/P K Trivedi
Publisher: Publication Scheme
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 604
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818678263X


In 1963, Prof. R N Mehta stepped into the shoes of Prof. B Subbarao as the head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History of the M S University of Baroda. At that time, the Department he inherited was in the formative stage. The responsibility of giving the leadership in development of the infant Department fell on his shoulders, and as the Head of the Department he ably demonstrated his leadership and established the Department at the National and International levels. He was, indeed, a beacon of light.

He had rendered unique service towers education and research in Archaeology, history and culture by undertaking extensive field work, explorations, excavations and exhibitions of material culture. His epoch making discoveries in the field of Archaeology and ancient history had made him nationally and internationally well known. He was not only an eminent academician; he was also a sagacious administrator. He earned word wide recognition for his meritorious services and creditable work. In view of these facts, his admirers, students and his distinguished colleagues had decided to bring out a felicitation volume in honour of Prof. R N Mehta. But the task was not simple. When research papers were invited for the volume from scholars, the response was overwhelming. The works like collecting articles, their checking and editing etc. took considerable time longer than the expectation of the editors. By that time, to the surprise of all, Prof Mehta passed away following a short illness leaving us in a state of shock. It was thereafter decided to convert the volume into the commemoration volume in honour of Prof. Mehta and in his loving memory.

The volume is in two parts comprising of eighty nine contributions on different subjects.


List of Contributors

List of Plates

Editors Note

Curriculum Vitae

Snehargha-S G Kantawala

Prof. R N Mehta- a leader in the Academic Field- S K Bhowmik


Recently discovered Ostrich Eggshell from Nagwada, Gujarat.
-V H Sonawane

The Prehistoric Remains in the Northern Part of Bhavanagar District.
-V K Jairath

Stone Age man in Rajasthan.
-Vijai Kuamr , HC Misra

Rock paintings in Bhopal.
-V S Wakankar

Rock-engravings at Tabo.
-A K Sinha

The Origin and purpose of Megalithic Port-hole.
-K P Rao

Environmental background for the beginning of Agriculture in Maharashtra.
-S A Sali

Study of settlements and population in the Harappan Context of India.
-T N Roy

Unpublished Copper Hoard in some Private Collection of India.
-Madhuri Sharma

The Indian Protohistoric Copper Rings: Some socio-economic considerations.
-Krishna Kumar

On the Origin of Northern Black Polished ware in India.
-Ashoka K Mishra, Pushpa Lata Singh

Buddhist remains near Thanesar.
-Manmohan Kumar

Archaeology of Vidisha District. (from Protohistoric to the Paramara Period).
-K K Tripathi

Buddhist remains in Maldives.
-S S Gupta

Archaeology of Goraja. (Vadodara District), Gujarat.
-R D Singh

Investigations in the Valley of Khari and Mansi Rivers.
-B R Meena

Geography of Dakshinapath in the Valmiki Ramayana.
-Bhagwan Singh Suryavnshi

Lalabhagat Kukkuta Dhwaja: A Reapprisal.
-K S Shukla


Alexander’s Invasion and Indian Literature.
-Atul Kumar Singh

Identification and place of Prakasaditya: A later imperial Gupta King.
-Nisar Ahmad

Fresh light on the early history of the Maitrakas.
-Ajay Mitra Shastri

The Emergence of a classical phase in Indian History.
-Mainak Kumar Bose

Prof. H D Sankalia on the History of Nalanda.
-B N Misra

Sriparvata and Vijayapuri
-J K Sarma

Huna Rule in Bundelkhand
-K L Agrawal

Conquest of Gujarat by the Turks as depicted in some Persian and non-persian sources.
-V S Bhatnagar

Maghas of South Kosala.
-S K Pandey

Area measures used in Gujarat before 13th Century.
-Saradha Srinivasa

The Devaraja Cult of Kambuja.
-K K Saxena

Ellora-the Home Town of Rashtrakutas.
-HS Thosar


Kukad Copper-plate grant of Maitraka King Dhruvasana-I, Valabhi Samvat 206
-Pravinchandra Parik and Bharati-Shelat

Some observations on the fragmentary marble-slab inscription from Hund.
-Ashvini Agrawal

Social and Economic conditions as reflected in the Pre-chaulukya inscriptions of Gujarat.
-H G Shastri

A bilingual inscription from Siddhpur in North Gujarat.
-Z A Desai

Historical Significance of the Figures of Kings and deties found on the coins of Indo-Seythian, Parthian and Kushana Kings.
-Lily Srivastava

A Coin of King Satavahana from Malwa
-B Muralidhar Reddy, G V Bhaskara Raddy

A note on two Mysore Kingdom coins of Tipu Sultan and Krishna Raja Udaiyar.
-Indra G Bhagia


An early evidence of Jainism from Chanderi and fresh views of Kharavla.
-C B Trivedi

Mahesvra Institution in Tamil Nadu.
-D Dayalan

Impact of Vaisnavism on the Social System in Gujarat from the early times upto 1600 A D.
-Hari Priya Rangarajan


Recent Researches in the ancient History of Gujarat.
-H G Shastri

Rationalism and Modern Ideas in ancient and medieval India.
-Suresh Chandra Banerji

Agrarian Society and social change under colonial dispensation: A case of Broach 1800-1850.
-Raj Kumar Hands

Social consciousness of tribals of South Gujarat: A study of their folk literature during the British period.
-Shirin Mehta

The Suratee Sunni Vohras of South Gujarat : A case study of a social reformer of Motamiya Mangrol.
-G A Pandor

An analytical study of the practice of female infanticide among the Rajputs in Saurashtra.
-S V Jani

Merchants and Urban property: A study of Cambay documents of the 17th-18th Centuries.
-Jawaid Akhtar

The dynamics of social change in Gujarat: A case study of Pardi Taluka, Surat Collectorate, in the Nineteenth Century.
-Gita Bajpai


The Kalachuri Temples of Gandai and Ghatiyari.
-S K Bajpai

Note on an unknown fort: Gangora District Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
-H N Singh

Some Historical and Archaeological issues concerning Ayodya’s Rama Janmabhumi.
-S P Gupta

Newly discovered Siva Temple at Vangaon, Dist. Vidisha (M P).
-B L Nagarch

Monolithic Temples of India.
-G T Shendey

Copper in ancient world: A literary study.
-D N Tripathi

Examples to illustrate activities of preservation and Restoration of architectural monuments during the ancient and medieval period in India.
-S K Bhowmik

An inscribed door-Jamb of Bodh-Gaya.
-Debala Mitra

New inscription of Vastupala : Patan.
-Vilas Jadhav


Indian Art: A source of Cultural integration.
-K D Bajpai

Balarama as an attendant of Vishnu.
-Devendra Handa

The Vahana (Vehicle or Mount) of Ganesa.
-Y Krishan

The origin of the new Gujarati Painting Style of the 16th Century A D.
-Lalit Kumar

The images of Nri-Varaha incarnation of Vishnu.
-M Rao

A note on the earliest image of Agni from Mathura.
-B N Mukherjee

Goddess Chamunda: An iconographical study.
-O P Misra

Two Jain Bronzes from Rajasthan.
-P K Trivedi

Hanuman Sculpture of Karnavati.
-Rajesh Janindar

Skanda Images from Chittaurgarh Region.
-Ramesh Thakkar

An early Surya Figure from Samalaji.
-Ravi Hajarnis

Sculptures as the soured of socio-economic History of Madhya Pradesh.
- S K Sullerey

Indian influence on early Japanese Art and Painting.
-Upendra Thakur

Identification of the Votive Disc Goddess.
-P K Agrawala


Rama Legends at Prambanan (Indonesia).
-Krishna Deva

Jayanakas’s Sanskrit Poem on the genealogy of the Chauhan Kings of Ajmer.
-Manabendu Banerjee

Sanskrit Lexicons Composed in Gujarat.-Bharati K Shelat

Sixteen Noble Families of the Kumbandas.
-Prithvi Kumar Agrawal

Urban History and Archives.
-Pankaj T Desai

Remains of Buddhist manuscripts in Central Asia.
-Rasesh Jamindar

Asuri’s role in Sankhya History.
-Lallanji Gopal

Some Puranic records on Sudras-A brief review.
-S G Kantawala

Gujarat’s Trade contact with South-East Asia: a preliminary study.
-Shushmita Sen


Preservation of Birch-Bark manuscripts.
-Binduvasini Joshi

Less known Jagannatha Pandita and his unpublished works.
-B P Pandya

Security of Monuments.
-P S Nandal

Regional Museums - Vibrant Cultural Centres.
-Seyed Rafiqa Sultana, Sayed Afroz Sultana

The Path of profound peace.
-Niranjan Bhai Trivedi

The New man for the New order - The vision of J Krishna Murti.
-Nitin J Vyas