Famous Stories from Panchatantra  (ILLUSTRATED)

Famous Stories from Panchatantra (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: Rashmi Jaiswal
Illustrator: P P Kasbekar
Publisher: Alka
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8180060675


This specially designed book in large format and bold type contains famous stories from Panchatantra. The stories are fully illustrated.


The Mice and the Elephants
The Great Sacrifice
The Greedy Jackal
Jackal Remains Jackal
The Old Snake & the Frogs
The short sighted frog king
The friendship of the owl & swan
The wicked jackal
The proud lioness
The Stranger
The Lion & the Woodcutter
A Lesson for the Mighty Elephant
The Drum Beating
The Kinsmen
The Same Secret Reason
The Faithful Animals
Never Presume Anything Unimportant
Money and Honesty
Greed & The Strange Wheel
Weaver with four hands
The Deserving Young Man
The Importance of the Company
God Helps the Courageous
The Unfaithful Wife
The Priest and the Crook
The Ailing Prince & The wise princess
The Princess with a horn
The Gland & the Thief
The iron Eating Mice
The Moon and His lake
The Lion & The Bull
The Three Indolent Friends
A Camel in the forest