Selected Stories from Panchatantra  (ILLUSTRATED)

Selected Stories from Panchatantra (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: A Compilation
Rashmi Jaiswal/
Illustrator: Vinayak Dhargalkar
Publisher: Alka
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8180060551


Here is a selection of thirty four fully illustrated interesting stories from Panchatantra re-told to delight children. For easy reading of young ones, these are presented in large format and bold type.


The Clever Jackal
The Wise Doves
The Swans and the Tortoise
The Song of a Donkey
The Talking Cave
The Foolish Monkeys
The Three Fishes
Golden Swans
The Golden Egg
The Foolish Bodyguard
The Thief & The Ghost
The Day Dreamer
The Gold Coins and Greed
The Useful Thief
The Comments of the People
Dangerous Curiosity
The Brahmin & the ELF
Friends in Need
The King & the wise Monkey
A Girl Married To a Snake
The Lion and the Rabbit
The wise crow and the Cobra
The Greedy Crane
The Blue Fox
The Deceitful Sage
The Monkey & The Crocodile
The Brahmin & The Goat
The Faithful Mongoose
Donkeys are without Brain
The Sage & the Mouse Daughter
Four Friends
The Doves and the Sea
Beating for Gold
The Speaking Tree