Prince of Ayodhya / Siege of Mithila  (2 Books of The Ramayana)

Prince of Ayodhya / Siege of Mithila (2 Books of The Ramayana)

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Author: Ashok K Banker
Publisher: Orbit
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 1063
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1841491861/1985


Prince of Ayodhya

The original Ramayana was written three thousand years ago by a reformed thief-turned-sage named Valmiki. Now, with breathtaking imagination and brilliant storytelling, Indian writer Ashok K Banker has recreated this epic tale for modern readers everywhere.

Ayodhya the Unconquerable: legendary capital of warriors and seers. Never invaded, never defeated, greatest fortress of the civilized world. Soon it will be a wasteland of ashes and blood.

For Ayodhya lies in the shadow of a demon’s wrath, a demon that even the gods fear, a demon that even now is sending all its dreadful power to ravage the world of mortals. And only Rama, Prince of Ayodhya, can hope to prevent the onslaught of darkness and halt the demon invasion.

But Rama will not fight alone. The sword of his brother will shield him, the wisdom of a seer will guide him; but in the final battle it will be Rama’s courage alone that will save or damn Ayodhya.

Siege of Mithila

The invasion has begun and the bestial demon hordes roar towards Ayodhya. If Ayodhya falls, then all mortal-kind will fall.

But Rama cannot return home to defend his family. He must journey to Mithila-a city lying directly in the path of destruction. There, a small band of heroes plan a valiant stand against the advancing armies of darkness.

It seems a futile quest. Lanka’s forces are near boundless and have swept all before them. Even if Rama can unearth a hidden dev-astra –a powerful artifact of the gods-his chances of victory remain slight. For at the head of the demon tide rides Rama’s nemesis, a terrible and ruthless slayer of souls-the demonlord Ravana.


A refreshing change form generic fantasyland-Starburst

In a word, Wow!- The Alien Online

A marvelous landscape of princes, demons, mages, and lovers.- Kate Elliott