Dhun  (Music CD)

Dhun (Music CD)

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Author: Ustad Bismillah Khan
Hari Prasad Chaurasia/Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
Artiste: Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan / V G Jog
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 01/2002
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): S500214


Usually, any instrumental performance consists of the traditional format of Alap, Jod and Jhala Followed by a Gat or lighter Thumri Style piece or Dhun. A dhun is a light classical instrumental piece usually based on a folk or popular melody, set to a medium or fast tempo.

The Gat, the instrumental equivalent of bandish (song) is a fixed composition in a raga set in a fixed time cycle, the Taal. In this album we have put together 5 Dhuns and 1 Gat in 6 different instruments performed by masteries of the instruments. This album is sure to win the Hearts of Both the serious classical music lovers as well as the audience of light music.

The CDs features following tracks:

01 Banarasi Dhun
Ustad Bismillah Khan (Shehanai)

02 Dhun in Mishra Bhairavi
Pt. V G Jog (Violin)

03 Dhun
Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Flute)

04 Pahadi Dhun
Ustad Bismillah Khan (Shehanai)

05 Dhun in Bhatiyali
Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan (Sitar)

06 Gat in Bhairavi
Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor)