Asomiya - Handpicked Fictions

Asomiya - Handpicked Fictions

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Author: Gita Rajan
Editor(s): Gita Rajan
Publisher: Katha
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187649429


This volume of Asomiya short stories is the first of six books that come from the North East.
These eighteen stories, though rooted in the region, have the touch of universality without which no work of fiction, short or long, can survive. They first appeared at various times over the last few decades, in noted Asomiya journals, and were widely acclaimed. But this is the first time they are appearing together in a single volume, forming a valuable montage.

The stories have been painstakingly collected after exhaustive discussions and the translations carried out by some of the most experienced, sensitive and highly regarded translators available in each language.

This series, which has evolved over several years, is the result of a collaboration between Katha and the North East Writer forum-a national level publisher and a regional literary body. Neither partner could have carried out a project of this scope and magnitude without the other. The series, which incorporate volumes on short stories, novellas, folktales, plays and children's stories, has been planned to include a representative yet heterogeneous collection, so that an authentic feel of the region can be made available to readers outside the area.


The Invitation
Munni's Legs
The Cavern
Sirala and Sinduin
Looking for Ismael Sheikh
The Bride
The Twilight Hour
The Protectors
On the Death of an Elephant
The Crucifixion