Pilgrimage Centres of India

Pilgrimage Centres of India

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Author: Brajesh Kumar
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 234
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171821855


Pilgrimage is returning to one's roots. Though it is considered to be a matter of religious faith but it is not a mere ritual. It is tourism, cultural voyage, traveling with nature and journey in spiritualism. Indian pilgrimages spread across the four corners along the length and breadth of the country were designed to create unity among diversity. This book will take you to a journey into ancient civilization which you would like to revisit often physically and otherwise.

This book is for the tourists, especially for those who wish to see the sacred sports of a variety of fiaths that have been prospering in this country. Our target readership is not only foreign tourists or the religious minded NRIs but also those Indians who are dwelling in deep south of the country and willing to complete their holy Journey to the four Dhams, the Four Nodal Points of the faith. The same s true for the adherents of the other faiths.


India: Its People and Religions

Tourist Regulations

The Land of Diverse Unity

How to Plan Your Journey

Religious Places of Tourist Interest in India

Delhi & New Delhi
Punjab Himachal Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir
Uttar Pr