Jayprakash Narayan - Prophet of People's Power

Jayprakash Narayan - Prophet of People's Power

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Author: Sudhanshu Ranjan
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 295
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123739273


The book presents a comprehensive biography of one of the tallest leaders of a generation that contributed to the making of the nation both during pre-independence and post-independence periods with a rare vision and commitment. JP, as he is fondly remembered, is for many, now synonymous with two turbulent and momentous periods of Indian history i.e., his heroic role during Quit India Movement of 1942 and his leadership of 1974 Students' Movement to save democracy in the country. However, the book, translated by the author himself from Hindi with new inputs, gives an insight into the multi faceted personality of JP and his-life long struggle and dedication for the uplift of the down trodden without ever nursing any personal ambition.



1. Baulji: Early Years
2. Marriage, College Education and Stay in U.S.A.
3. Back Home and Vow of Celibacy
4. Initiation into Freedom Movement
5. Foundation of Socialist Forum
6. Opposition to the Second World War
7. Hero of the Quit India Movement
8. Preparation for the last Assault
9. Away from State power, Towards Gandhi
10. Village Reconstruction and first General Election
11. Fast of Twenty-one Days, 1952
12. Cabinet Offer not Acceptable
13. Sarvodaya and Jeevandan
14. Negotiating with Socio-political Problems
15. Efforts to Maintain Internal Peace
16. Efforts for World peace
17. J.P. and Nepal
18. Surrender of the Outlaws of Chambal
19. Prabhavati's Death
20. Leader ship of the 1974 Bihar movement
21. The Final farewell
22. Ideological Thought and Contribution