Pranic Living and Healing

Pranic Living and Healing

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Author: Luis S R Vas
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 195
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221616


Is it possible to live on sunlight and boiled water and no other food? Practitioners of pranic living assure us that it is possible. The practice is called pranic nourishment and its practitioners claim that in the coming decades it may be the answer to global hunger and malnutrition.

Anybody can live on light provided they follow an eight-point plan to change their lifestyle, some of its practitioners maintain. The eight points are-meditation, prayer, programming of the mind, vegetarian diet, exercise, time spent in silence, service to others and chanting.

A pranically nourished person does not fall ill, has more energy, needs to sleep less and is able to maintain a stable weight,' says Jasmuheen, one of its exponents. To her knowledge there are 10,000 people the world over living on light. Many people keep it quiet because others may think they are crazy. The oldest person living on light is a 96-year-old woman, she claims.

The author, who has investigated the phenomenon, has discovered that research had been done not only on prana but also on BIGU, a form of spontaneous fasting that some practitioners of Qigong, a Chinese spiritual technique, undergo. He also discovered a report on Hira Ratan Manek's 411 days of fast in Ahmedabad, certified by the doctors who supervised his fast. However, all these claims have not gone unchallenged.




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