The Indian Media Business

The Indian Media Business

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Author: Vanita Kohli
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 258
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761996494


The media industry is one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in India. Estimated to be worth at least $ 5 billion and rising, it employs several million people and is closely watched by analysts and investors because of its steep growth curve. This original and highly absorbing book provides an insider's perspective of how this glamorous industry actually functions.

For the very first time, all five major segments of the Indian mass media industry-print, television, films, music and radio-have been covered in a single book and that too, from a business perspective. Based on her experience as a media writer, Vanita Kohli comprehensively covers all important topics including:

The business history of the Indian media industry and its possible future growth paths
The dynamics of the film, music, radio, television, and publishing industries
Legal, regulatory and taxation issues for each of these industries
How they make their money and how they can make their money
The global opportunities available for films, music and other industries
The future of the print media
The mechanics of media buying and selling
The measures used to estimate the reach and effectiveness of various mass media

With its many unusual insights and comprehensive coverage, this unique book will attract a wide readership. Besides students of mass communication, media business and advertising, it will be of equal interest to analysts, media professionals, investment bankers, advertising and PR professionals, and anyone interested in India's vibrant media industry.


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Foreword by Peter Mukerjea, CEO, Star India Private Limited



Why media matters



Annexure One: Global Majors

Annexure Two: Mutilating Music

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