Vertically and Crosswise - Applications of the Vedic Mathematics Sutras

Vertically and Crosswise - Applications of the Vedic Mathematics Sutras

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Author: A P Nicholas
K R Williams/J Pickles
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 170
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120819829


Vertically and Crosswise is an advanced book of sixteen chapters on one Vedic Mathematics sutra. Primarily it deals with the solution of equations, ranging from elementary examples of the sutra to non-linear partial differential equations. Other topics include the inversion of matrices, curve-fitting, and methods of obtaining series expansions of common functions of one and of two independent variables.

One of the principal formulae (sutras) of Vedic Mathematics is Vertically and Crosswise. The applications of this simple formula are extraordinarily diverse and wide ranging, the present book probably only touching on its true extent.

After a detailed introduction to Vedic Mathematics this book shows applications of Vertically and Crosswise from basic calculations (multiplication, division, reciprocals, squaring, square roots and combined operations) to the evaluation of logarithms, exponentials, trigonometrical functions and the solution of simultaneous, transcendental, polynomial and differential equations.

The methods shown are not only exceedingly efficient and new but have a unity and coherence which renders them easy to master and enjoyable to execute.


Preface to Second Edition
Preface to Vedic Mathematics


Introduction to the Vertically and Crosswise Sutra
combined Operations of Elementary Arithmetic
Evaluation of Determinants
The Solution of Simult